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Praise for Mr. Christmas ________________________

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"Mr. Christmas is one of the most heartfelt stories I've read in the year 2020. Mr. Christmas is for any reader who loves family reads that have a Christmas twist. It touches on topics such as falling on hard times, relying on others for help, coming together as a family and what it means to keep the Christmas spirit alive! The author's small town feel gave that special spark to the story that is perfect for the upcoming season. It will most definitely put you in the mood to read the book while surrounded by blankets, in front of a warm fire. Buy the book if you haven't already! " -Brittany Hall, Reader

"It was brilliantly written. I Couldn't stop reading it until the end. I absolutely love the characters. Great job Deanna Jackson." -Kindle Customer

"This was a great short read. Packed with fun, family, friends, love and the magic of Christmas. The author did an awesome job telling a short yet impactful story." - Honey Thomas, Author 

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Praise for Unbreakable Currents__________________


"That was a really good start, descriptive and seriously captivating."-JUDGE,THE KISS AWARDS

"I love how you use all the senses when writing. I think it’s so important to put readers in that moment, and sensory always brings it to another level. I can almost smell the cologne and mint, as if I'm there." -ALLISON JEAN, AUTHOR

"That first line is" -GIGI LAURENT, AUTHOR

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Praise for Book Review Services_________________

"This review means the world to me, and to the success of this book.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a glowing and encouraging review." -DEVI NINA BINGHAM, AUTHOR

"There’s a lot going on right now with the launch of this new title and I feel your contribution will aid dramatically in its success!" -LARRY YOKE, AUTHOR

"She took the time to write a thoughtful, in depth review. She posted it on her blog,which is fantastic on its own, but on Amazon too, which is critical for a self-published author. She's supportive and eager to provide thoughtful reviews for her readers and support authors." -LAUREN MAE, AUTHOR

"It is not always easy to find someone a) interested in doing such a review, b) who will respond promptly and c) keep the writer posted as to their progress. Thanks for your cheery and professional attitude!" -HEATHER LYNN, AUTHOR

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